User Template

user-profile.tpl.php file print user template. Get template file from modules/user/user-profile.tpl.php it's drupal core module's template file. Copy file from modules/user/user-profile.tpl.php and pest it into current theme's dirctory to customize it.

Simply print this code to print user fields <?php  print render($user_profile['field_name']); ?> where 'field_name' is machine name of field. but if you hide lable from "Display Fields" tab of content type customization from Drupal administration then you need to use <?php $elements['#account']->field_example['und'][0]['value'] ?>

Print field from Profile2 in user-profile.tpl.php

$uid = $elements['#account']->uid;
$singleuser = profile2_load_by_user($uid, 'single_user');
print drupal_render(field_view_field('profile2', $singleuser, 'field_machine_name', 'value')); 

Where 'single_user' is profile name.

If you created two(2) different user profiles by using Profile2 module then use below sample codes-

$uid = $elements['#account']->uid;
$singleuser = profile2_load_by_user($uid, 'single_user');
$groupuser = profile2_load_by_user($uid, 'group_user');
if ($singleuser) {
$livein = drupal_render(field_view_field('profile2', $singleuser, 'field_location_pref', 'value'));
if ($groupuser) {
$livein = drupal_render(field_view_field('profile2', $groupuser, 'field_location_pref', 'value'));
/*$fullname = render($user_profile)['field_name'];*/
$fullname = $elements['#account']->field_name['und'][0]['value'];
echo '

Hi, My name is '.$fullname.' and I want to live in '.$livein.'

'; ?> Where 'single_user' and 'group_user' are two different user profiles created by Profile2 module. And 'field_location_pref' is field machine name of location field(from both profiles of Profile2 module) and 'field_name' is field's machine name from user account(not from profiles created by Profile2 module).


Sample blackbox block

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