Important Changes into D8 Block

In Drupal 7, definition and altering of blocks are done through block specific mechanisms. A block was defined by implementing hook_block_info() providing the available deltas and the corresponding administrative labels. hook_block_view() was implemented to return the relevant render array. The block then could be configured in the UI to appear once per theme in a specific region -- the disabled blocks are visible in the UI in the "disabled" region.

In Drupal 8, the logic for blocks is provided by so called plugins (annotated classes in a specific namespace), the annotation providing the administrative label. The concept of delta is gone, the plugin is identified by its plugin id. The defining module does not matter, the plugin id must be unique across all modules. The build method of the plugin class provides the relevant render array. The block does not appear at all until it is placed; however it can be placed any number of times, it can appear in a theme any number of times. The placement information (theme, region, weight) and any block specific configuration information is saved in a configuration entity. This is the same plugin/configuration entity dual mechanism that is used for actions, editors, migrations, views etc.


Sample blackbox block

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