Using attributes in templates

In Drupal 8 twig template use {{ attribute }} variable heavily. You should know about {{ attribut }} variable to add/change/edit that variable.

It should look something like this:

  <?div{{ attributes }}?><?/div?> 

Attribute's methods

Here are some of the helpful methods you can use with the Attribute object:


Adds classes or merges them on to array of existing CSS classes.
Single class:
 <div{{ attributes.addClass('my-class') }}< </div<
Multiple classes:
set classes = [
<div{{ attributes.addClass(classes) }}></div>
outputs <div class="red green"></div>.


Removes a class from an Attribute object. Used similarly to addClass.

attributes.setAttribute($attribute, $value)

Sets values for an attribute key.

<div{{ attributes.setAttribute('id', 'myID') }}></div>
outputs <div id="myID"></div>

Sample blackbox block

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